Resonance Cavities – 3D30.00

Resonance Tube – 3D30.15


  • Use two nested cardboard tubes, open speaker and sine wave generator
  • Using the plunger tube see the effects of length on the resonant frequencies of closed tubes.
  • Vary sound source frequency to show open tube resonant frequency pattern.

Location: Jacobs B122

Singing Pipe – 3D30.40

Singing Rod 4D40_20

  • An open ended metal or cardboard tube has a metal screen attached inside of one end.
  • The pipe is heated by putting it up to a to a blow torch with the end that has the metal screen closest.
  • After 20-30 seconds of heating, the pipe is moved away from the heat source.
  • If held vertically with the metal screen on the bottom, the pipe will hum as hot air rushes through the tube after being heated while passing through the screen.
  • Holding the pipe horizontally will stop the sound, but the sound will return if the pipe is returned to vertical while still hot enough.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelves 271 & 175