Air Column Instruments – 3D32.00

Organ Pipes – 3D32.10

  • There are metal organ pipes of several different lengths with plungers to vary the lengths of the tube or caps for an open or closed pipe.

Location: Demo Room

Variable Pitch Whistle – 3D32.15


  • Blow in the mouthpiece and slide the piston to vary the pitch
  • There are note and cm markings on the piston shaft
  • Adjust the mouthpiece position to change the note register. You may have to slide it around to get the notes to sound right

Location: Demo Room

Musical Pipes – 3D32.25

Musical Pipes 3D32.25

  • PVC tubes are cut to length as to resonate at a musical frequency.
  • The pipes are: F: 392 HZ (0.24m); G: 392 HZ (0.213m); A: 440 Hz (0.189m); Bb: 466 Hz (0.178 m); C: 523 Hz (0.158 m); D: 587 Hz (0.140m); E: 659 Hz (0.124m).
  • Hit the pipes on your palm and compare the notes to the length of the pipes.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 264