Driven Mechanical Resonance – 3A60.00

Tacoma Narrows Film/ Video – 3A60.10

Driven Cart Between Springs – 3A60.24

  • A PASCO cart is placed between two long springs.
  • The cart is driven by a variable speed motor.
  • Eddy current damping is used also.

Location: Demo Room

Resonance in Rods – 3A60.51


  • Three pairs of spring-steel wires are affixed to a horizontal rod.
  • A brightly colored mass is affixed to the end of each wire.
  • When any wire is “plucked”, its equal-length counterpart of the opposite side of the device oscillates with large excursions while the other four wires and weights remain relatively motionless.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 284