Gratings – 6D20.00

Multiple Slit – 6D20.10


  • A laser shines on a slide containing various set of slits: 2, 3, 4, and 5 slits.
  • Two different color lasers can be used to demonstrate the wavelength dependence of the pattern.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelves 166 & 240

Projected Spectra with Grating – 6D20.20


  • The spectrum of a source of light is projected on the side wall using a grating.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelves 166 & 300

Compact Disc Grating – 6D20.32


  • Shine a laser on a CD to estimate the grooves per inch.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 240

Crossed Gratings and Laser – 6D20.50

Cross Grating 6D20.50

  • Two gratings are placed one in front of the other.
  • A laser shines through the gratings as one is rotated.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelves 166 & 240