Conservation of Energy – 1M40.00

Loop the Loop – 1M40.20


  • Release the ball near the top of the track.
  • The energy loss makes the minimum height necessary to complete the loop significantly higher than the calculated value.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 146

Ring Jumping With Two Large Stainless Steel Beads – 1M40.30

Jumping Ring 1M40.30

  • A ring hangs from a thread and two stainless steel beads slide on it without friction.
  • The beads are released simultaneously from the top of the ring and slide down opposite sides.
  • Observe the ring rising if the mass of the bead is greater than 3/2 of the mass of the ring.

Location: Demo Room

Yo-Yo – 1M4050


  • Release the yo-yo straight downward holding the cord firmly.
  • It will have enough kinetic energy to return itself to about one-third the original height at release.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 280

Hopper Popper – 1M40.91

HopperPopper2_1M4091 HopperPopper3_1M4091

  • Turn ‘hopper popper’ inside out.
  • Hold the cut edge of the ball facing the floor and drop it.
  • It will bounce several times higher than the original height. (the energy is stored in the ball when it is forced to turn wrong side out and is released when it hits the floor).

Location: Jabocbs B122 – Shelf 280