Inertia of Rest – 1F20.00

Inertial Block – 1F20.10

Inertial Block

  • Place the block near the top of the pipe.
  • Tap the pipe on the floor or table top and watch the block move down the pipe.
  • Hold the PVC pipe near the top with one hand and tap the top of the pipe with a mallet.
  • Watch the block move back up the pipe.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 258

Inertial Wooden Disks – 1F20.11

Inertial Wooden Disks 1F20.11

  • Stack wooden nickels.
  • With a flat plastic ruler whip the ruler back and forth, knocking the disks out from the bottom of the pile.
  • The stack remains in place while the bottom disk is knocked out by the ruler.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 264

Smash Your Hand – 1F20.20

Smash Hand

  • Place a lead brick on a hand or on a piece of fruit.
  • Hammer the brick, give it a good whack.
  • The person doesn’t howl with pain.

Location: Jacobs B122