Projectile Motion – 1D00.00

Funnel Cart Trajectory –  1D60.10


  • A ball fired vertically from a cart moving horizontally falls back into the cart.

Location: Demo Room

Simultaneous Fall – 1D60.20


  • A Spring loaded device drops one ball and projects the other horizontally.
  • Listen for the sound of balls striking the floor. Only one click should be heard.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 279

The Monkey and the Hunter – 1D60.30


  • Aim the cannon at the monkey when monkey is held up high.
  •  When the ball leaves the cannon, the monkey should drop’ – The ball will hit the monkey since they fall at the same rate.

Location: Demo Room

Projectile Launcher (Pasco) – 1D60.70


  • Shoot balls at different angles.

Location: Keck B127