Central Forces – 1D50.00

Centripetal Force Demo – 1D50.20

  • A long string is freely hanging through a small pipe, used as a handle.
  • Tie a bob on one end of a string and hang weights on the other end.
  • The bob and the string are lighter than the hanging weight.
  • Twirl the bob overhead while the twirling action suspends the mass.
  • Observe the suspended mass pulling the bob inward due to the tension in the string.

Location: Demo Room
Centripetal Force Demo 1D50_20

Pail of Water – 1D50.40


  •  Swing pail in a large vertical circle.

Location: Jacobs B122- Shelf 259

Rolling Chain – 1D50.70

  • The chain is mounted on the motor.
  • Start the motor by turning on the switch
  • Abruptly push the chain away from the motor
  • Chain will roll to a distance before it collapses.

Location: Demo Room