Uniform Acceleration – 1C20.00

Falling Ball and Paper – 1C20.16

  • On a pan balance, balance a flat sheet of paper with a ping-pong ball so that they have equal masses.
  • Drop them simultaneously and watch the ping-pong ball land well-ahead of the fluttering paper.
  • Gently crumple the paper to match the ping-pong ball.
  • Drop them together and this time they land together.
  • Now squish the paper into a ball half is size, and drop both balls again.
  • The smaller paper ball lands first.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 281

Inclined Air Track – 1C20.30


  • Air track will be leveled. Place aluminum blocks under single leg of air track to create desired incline.
  • Turn on the air supply.
  • To find the average velocity by using two photo gates.

Location: Demo Room