Collisions in One Dimension – 1N30.00

Collision with 5 Hanging Balls – 1N30.10

Newtons Cradle_1N3020

  • Observe the effects of displacing different numbers of balls.
  • Try one ball first, then two and so on up to five balls at once.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 257

Newton’s Cradle – 1N30.20

Newtons Cradle_1N3020

  • Raise a ball away from the others and release it- It collides with its neighbor.
  • The momentum of the ball is transferred through the system.
  • The ball on the other end reacts accordingly.
  • Repeat the process with two balls, or three, or four.
  • This demonstrates conservation of momentum in a collision involving several bodies.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 257

Large Ball and Small Ball Drop – 1N30.60


  •  Place a small ball on top of a big ball and drop from a height of 4 feet.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 273 & 275

Velocity Amplifier using Stacked Disks – 1N30.62


  • Four discs (1 5/8″, 3 1/8″, 5″, and 8″) are placed on top of each other such that they stand vertically.
  • The four discs are also confined to the vertical plane.
  • Raising and releasing two discs will cause the smallest disc to bounce a few inches.
  • Raising three will cause the smallest disc to bounce out of the apparatus a few inches.
  • Raising and releasing all four will cause the smallest disc to fly many feet into the air.

Location: Demo Room

Double Air Glider Bounce on an Air Track – 1N30.65


  • Let two air carts accelerate down an inclined air track.
  • Vary the Mass of the first cart and measure the rebound hight of the smaller cart

Location: Demo Room