Vortices – 2C50.00

Smoke Ring – 2C50.10


  • Fill tank with super Zero Fog Fluid
  • Gently hold in power lever until Light in fog chamber indicates Zero Blaster is on, wait 5 seconds.
  • Pull pump lever to fill fog chamber with fog.
  • Pull firing trigger back until plunger is released.
  • To make large fog rings push the Zero Blaster forward, about 12 inches, with a smooth constant speed.

Location: Jacob B122 – Shelf 275

Vortex in a Beaker – 2C50.31

Vortex in a Beaker 2C50.31

  • Fill the beaker with water.
  • Place a magnetic stirrer in the water.
  • Put the beaker on a stirring plate.
  • Observe the formation of vortex in the beaker.

 Location: Jacobs B122 – shelf 264