Temperature and Magnetism – 5G50.00

Curie Point – 5G50.15


  • Put a piece of metal near a magnet to show that it is attracted by it.
  • Heat the metal with a torch until the metal loses its ferromagnetic property and is not attracted by the magnet when put near it.
  • Once cooled, the metal will again be attracted to the magnet.

Location: Demo Room

Meissner Effect (Super Conductivity) – 5G50.50


  • Place a magnet on warm disk to show how nothing happens, then remove.
  • Add liquid nitrogen to the Styrofoam container holding the super-conducting disk.
  • When the boiling stops, the disk is cold.
  • Use the plastic tweezers to place the magnet on the disk.
  • The magnet floats over the disk due to magnetic repulsion.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 156