Magnets – 5G10.00

Break a Magnet – 5G10.20

BreakMagnet1_5G1020 BreakMagnet2_5G1020

  • Show that the magnet attracts iron filings and nails.
  • Show that an identical broken magnet does the same thing.

Location: Demo Room

Magnetic Accelerator – 5G10.55


  • Place 4 stainless steel balls on a track and roll a 5’th one down.
  • The last ball in the line rolls away with less speed than the incoming ball.
  • Repeat the experiment with the first stationary ball replaced with a neodymium magnet ball.
  • The last ball in the line will move away faster than the incoming ball

Location: Jacobs B120 – Shelf 278

Gauss Rifle – 5G10.80

Gauss Rifle_5G10.80

  • A series of cube magnets are placed 2.5” apart from each other.
  • Two steel balls are placed to one side of each magnet
  • A lone ball is then slowly rolled toward the first magnet, coming in from the opposite side of the sphere pairs. The lone ball will strike the first magnet causing a sphere to be ejected from the opposite side.
  • This sphere rolls toward the next magnet and s on.
  • The last ball will fly off with a speed of a few metes per second. Place a soda can in front of it and see it flying.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 275