Eddy Currents – 5K20.00

Eddy Current Ring Pivot – 5K20.01


  • Push the magnet into the ring with the split, nothing happens.
  • Push the magnet into the other ring, the rings will begin to pivot away from the magnet.
  • Pull the magnet back towards you and the rings will pivot toward the magnet.

Location: Jacobs B 122 – Shelf 281

Eddy Current with a Strong Horseshoe Magnet – 5K20.10

EddyShoeMag1_5K2010 EddyShoeMag2_5K2010

  • An aluminum plate is passed through a strong horseshoe magnet.

Location: Demo Room

Magnets in Eddy Tubes – 5K20.25


  • Drop magnets simultaneously down the copper and PVC tube.
  • The magnet falls through the PVC pipe with no resistance.
  • The magnet falling through the copper tube takes much longer time to fall.

Location:Jacobs B122 – Shelf 276 and Demo Room

Jumping Ring – 5K20.30


  • Two aluminum rings are placed around the core of a coin. One ring has a gap.
  • The apparatus is connected to a variac.
  • With a ring in place, turn on the switch. The solid ring will jump.
  • Replace with the ring that has a gap and it will not jump.
  • Place a coil with bulb attached over the core and note the variation in bulb brightness with position of the coil.
  • Cool the metal ring with liquid nitrogen and get really a great jump.

Location: Demo Room