Mathematics Faculty: Mario Micheli

Mario Micheli, PhD, visiting professor of mathematics, is an applied mathematician with research interests in image processing, computer vision, differential geometric methods for shape analysis, variational methods, data science, and applied statistics. In particular, his work has focused on the modeling, measurement, quantification and statistics of deformations, in both the analysis of shape and in the processing of real imaging and video data. Lately he has also explored applications of statistics to neuroscience: he recently advised a student, who is now pursuing an M.D.-PhD, on her thesis about this topic.

Micheli has a passion for undergraduate education, and is a recipient of UCLA’s Robert H. Sorgenfry Distinguished Teaching Award. He especially enjoys teaching in the warm atmosphere of the liberal arts. He strives to instill in his students the passion for mathematics, both through his courses and by promoting undergraduate research. He is open to experimenting with active learning techniques to enhance his students’ experience in the classroom, and promotes a learning environment that is welcoming to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the mathematical sciences.

Micheli completed his undergraduate studies in telecommunications engineering at the University of Padova (Italy), holds a M.S. degree in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley and a PhD in applied mathematics from Brown University. Before joining Harvey Mudd College he held teaching positions at several institutions of higher education, including UCLA, the University of Washington, the University of San Francisco, and Bowdoin College.

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