Template Files

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proposal-template.tex is a LaTeX file that you can use to write your senior thesis proposal. Download it, edit it to change the sample text to what you want it to say, and compile (or “TeX”) it.

Web Page

Easy Way



to create the necessary directories in your home directory and set the permissions correctly.

After that, you will need to edit the index.html that you will find in ~/public_html/thesis and change the information in that page to match your information. You will also need to supply a JPEG image of yourself calledmugshot.jpg and put a copy of your thesis proposal in PDF in the directory, renaming it to username-year-prop.pdf, where username is your username on the math cluster and year is the year you will be submitting your final thesis (i.e., for the year 2006–2007, year should be 2007).

Hard Way

You can download the template, webtemplate.html, and save it as ~/public_html/thesis/index.html.

Then edit the file as appropriate, copy and rename your proposal as above, and add a photograph of yourself.

In order to view your page in a web browser, you’ll need to make sure that the Unix permissions are set correctly. Directories should be set to 755 (drwx-r-xr-x) with chmod 755 directory, as in chmod 755 ~/public_html. File permissions are set the same way, but they should be set to 644.

Your home directory is a special case. Because you probably don’t want random people able to be able to see the files and directories at the top level of your home directory, you need to set the permissions to 711 (dwrx--x--x) with chmod 711 ~.)

The script mentioned in the Easy Way section does all the listed here for you, except for adding your personal information to the template, adding your picture, and copying your proposal.

Senior Thesis

Don’t use the sample thesis/Clinic report as the basis of your thesis. Instead, use the hmcthesis-template.tex file, which can be copied to a directory in your home directory from the directory /shared/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/hmcthesis/.

If you’re planning on working on your own machine (remember, your thesis must compile on our systems to be accepted!), you can download the LaTeX document-class file package from the thesis class page as a tar or ZIP file. The archive includes the hmcthesis-template.tex file.

Presentation Days Poster

The HMC Poster Class page includes information on obtaining and using the hmcposter LaTeX document class for producing a poster for display during Presentation Days. That page also includes pointers to the LaTeX source for sample posters that you can use to guide you when creating your own poster.