Faculty Lunches

We support greater faculty-student interaction and connection. Each week, we encourage subsidized informal lunch gatherings. Sign up here.

Women in Math will be hosting weekly lunches with faculty. This is on a signup basis for faculty and students. Please read the details below that pertain to you. Make sure to email us a group photo of everyone at the event!

Faculty Instructions

If you would like to participate:

  • Go to the google sheet at the top of the page.
  • Choose the week you would to have a lunch/meeting.
  • Select the day of the week and time you are free from the drop-downs at the top. (Please choose a time by the Friday before the week that you’re signing up for.)
  • Select your desired meeting location from the options of on-campus (by Shan) and off-campus (somewhere in the village).
  • Go to the meeting place at the meeting time!

Student Instructions

If you would like to participate:

  • Go to the google sheet at the top of the page.
  • You may sign up for any open student slot of weeks that have selected dates and times by faculty.
  • Go to the meeting place a few minutes before the meeting time!

Getting Reimbursed

Women in Math will reimburse up to $10 per person. The fewer receipts for reimbursement we receive the easier and faster the reimbursement process will be, so if you have the option to pay as one group or smaller groups please do so. Receipts should be emailed to women-in-math-leadership-21-l@g.hmc.edu along with your venmo handle or mailbox number. Receipts must be in the format below, courtesy of ASHMC:

Please read the following instructions carefully. Send any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions to caihuang@g.hmc.edu.

  1. Receipts should be photos or PDFs, and preferably not .HEIC or .HEIF. If your receipt is in the form of an email, please either download the PDF invoice directly from the website or print the email to PDF.
  2. Filenames must be in the following format (excluding quotation marks):
    • “YYYY_MM_DD_CLUBNAME_LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_NUMBER” with the native file extension.
    • YYYY_MM_DD should be the submission date (today’s date), not when the event happened or the receipt was printed. If there is a significant difference in time between the event and the submission date, feel free to include the event’s date in the quick description on the previous page.
    • CLUBNAME should be one word, either a) the club’s acronym, if it commonly goes by it or b) the club’s name with no spaces. ***Acronyms and the first letter of each word should be capitalized***
    • LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME should be the recipient of the reimbursement. If the recipient is Harvey Mudd College, please make “HMC” the lastname and the office acronym (ex: “DSA,” “FM”) as the first name.
    • _NUMBER should only be included if you are submitting more than one file.
  3. If your submission includes more than 5 files, please submit another form for the remaining files.


Mildred Mudd is submitting two receipts for Monster Truck Club’s water balloon event. The event took place last semester but she is submitting the receipts on January 5th, 2019. She correctly submits photos of her receipts, taken with her iPhone 4, with the following filenames:
Courtesy of Chris Thompson, ASHMC Treasurer 2019–2020