Training and Safety at the Makerspace

First, read the makerspace’s General Usage Policy for an overview of what we have to offer and how you can get started using the space. Specific safety information about each machine can also be found in this document.

In order to work on anything in the makerspace, you must pass the General Safety Quiz. Passing this quiz allows you to use tools and work on projects 24/7 in the makerspace.

To operate certain machinery in the makerspace, you will need to pass the corresponding safety quiz. If you are only interested in operating a specific machine, you will only need to read the portion that pertains to that machine. You won’t be able to swipe into the room that contains said machinery if you haven’t completed the training. Training for each machine expires after a year, so make sure you’re fully certified to operate a machine.

Safety Manuals and Quizzes
Makerspace Area Room Number Manual Safety Quiz
Any use of makerspace and Student Project Storage McGregor 102 General Usage Manual General Usage Safety Quiz
3D Printer and Laser Cutter Room McGregor 120 3D Printing Manual
Laser Cutting Manual
3D Printing and Laser Cutting Safety Quiz
Waterjet Cutter McGregor 120 Waterjet Manual Waterjet Safety Quiz
Welding Area Curtained-off area near garage door Welding Manual Welding Safety Quiz
Spray Paint Booth McGregor 118 Spray Paint Manual Spray Painting Safety Quiz
Digital Production Studio McGregor 106 (Currently closed due to construction) Digital Production Studio Manual Digital Production Studio Safety Quiz
Composite Room McGregor 126 Composite Room Manual Composite Room Safety Quiz

When you have passed a quiz with 100%, fill out the swipe access form to have 24/7 access to the space. 

Makerspace stewards are trained on how to use these machines throughout the semester. Users who need additional help passing safety quizzes or using machinery are encouraged to seek out a steward during open hours and ask questions!