Project Storage at the Makerspace

Innovative Storage Solutions

The makerspace has two designated spaces for storing projects: Student Project Storage and Club Storage.

Student Project Storage

Students may store projects in the Makerspace’s Student Project Storage room (McGregor 102). To gain access to this room, students must pass the General Safety Quiz and fill out the Swipe Access Form. To storage a project in this room, students must follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a yellow storage card with your name, school email, phone number, and storage duration
    • These are located directly to the right upon entering the Student Project Storage room
  2. Your storage duration may not be longer than two weeks, starting from the current date
  3. After two weeks, you must either remove your project or fill out a new card to renew your space for another two weeks
    • The purpose of this rule is to ensure projects stored in this room are actively being worked on, and to keep spots open for other students
  4. If the end date of the storage duration has passed, a steward will reach out to you to renew your space
  5. If one week has passed since contacting you and action has not been taken, a steward may confiscate your project
    • Talk to any steward to get your project back
Storage card example
Storage card example

Club Storage

For storing a club project in the makerspace, please refer to the Club Storage Policy before moving forward.

Please note that most club projects must be stored during opening hours (when a Makerspace steward is on shift). Access to the club storage room can be provided after hours with special arrangements with Makerspace stewards.

Large-scale, Long-term Project Storage

For storing a large-scale, long-term project in the makerspace, please refer to the Long-term Storage Policy before moving forward.

To submit an application, please fill the Long-term, Large-scale Project Application form.

The application period for new large-scale, long-term projects is currently unavailable. An announcement will be made when the application period opens again. Thank you for your patience!