COVID-19 Testing Policy

(Política de Pruebas de COVID-19)

Updated January 7, 2022.


This policy applies to all faculty and staff and shall apply to spouses/partners and family members, over the age of 11, residing in on-campus housing with HMC faculty or staff members. The College maintains a required surveillance COVID-19 testing program and policy for all employees who are not vaccinated and boosted. Surveillance testing actively monitors occurrences of infection for the population coming to campus. In order to implement this program, the College is partnering with The Claremont Colleges Student Health Services (SHS) to conduct tests using the ShieldT3 saliva PCR test.

We are recommending that faculty and staff that are fully vaccinated, boosted, and who work on campus, be tested once a week by SHS at no cost to the employee.

Required Testing Program Description

The College has laid out the following requirements for testing for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

  • We continue to require faculty and staff who are not fully vaccinated and working on campus more than one day a week to be tested twice a week. If not fully vaccinated and working on campus one day a week, testing can be limited to once a week.
  • Faculty and staff who are unvaccinated and have an approved accommodation or exemption, are required to test twice weekly for COVID-19 through the employer-provided testing sites.
  • Beginning January 17, 2022, fully vaccinated faculty and staff who work on campus and who do not have their booster vaccine, despite being eligible, will be required to be tested twice a week.
  • Faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic with a booster may choose to be tested up to two times a week.

Ongoing testing is not an alternative or substitute to receiving the booster shot. The intended purpose of temporary surveillance testing for non-boosted employees, is to allow individuals who are not yet eligible or those who could not obtain the booster during 2021/22 winter closure to test until they become eligible and can obtain the booster.

The testing requirement is in addition to the daily symptom screening requirement and compliance with College policies described in the Guide for Faculty, Staff and Student Employees Returning to Campus.

If symptomatic employees come to campus solely to test, they should only go to the testing site, not report to work, and return home immediately following the test.

All required surveillance testing will be done by medical providers from The Claremont Colleges Services Student Health Services at no charge. Faculty and staff, as well as family members living on HMC’s campus, will be provided with specific times to test during the week and information about how and when to expect test results.

The required surveillance testing should be done during work time, and non-exempt employees will be paid. However, if for some reason the testing day and scheduled work shifts do not align, non-exempt employees will be paid for their time to take the test. However, they must coordinate with their supervisor in advance.

HMC’s Office of Human Resources and SHS will obtain required consent forms prior to the test. Required consent forms are found at the bottom this page.  Those who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by SHS to initiate the contact tracing process. A member of the Business Affairs Office or campus liaison will also reach out to the individual who tests positive to gather additional regulatory information.


All data and test results will be kept confidential except as mandated for regulatory reporting and campus liaison notification. Specific information on consent forms and confidentiality will be provided by SHS at the time of the test.

Testing on Campus

Testing sites include SHS Tranquada and HMC Platt locations. Further details about the testing process, locations and times are described on the SHS website.

NOTE: If you have tested positive at SHS, please do not retest on site until after 90 days since you last tested positive.

Outside Testing

If a faculty or staff member is asymptomatic and chooses to get a COVID test on their own time and at their own expense outside of work, they will still be required to take the test(s) through Student Health Services at the frequency described above, as part of HMC’s required surveillance testing program.

If a faculty or staff member is exhibiting symptoms, they should stay home, avoid reporting to work on campus and contact their own medical provider for further instructions. Note that if faculty or staff have symptoms, they have the option of being tested at a designated SHS testing site or through their health care provider or at another testing site.

Policy Enforcement

Any person subject to this policy who fails to comply with the terms of this policy may be subject to discipline, including and up to termination.


Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact HR at  For medical and science related questions, we will put you in contact with someone from Student Health Services at The Claremont Colleges Services.

Consent Forms

Please complete and return both consent form to or José Barajas at  An email, confirming receipt of consent forms will be sent. Please allow 24-48 hours, from confirmation notice, for processing before you begin testing.

TCC Consent for COVID-19 Testing
TCC-HMC Authorization for Release of Medical Information


This is an evolving situation under further consideration and HMC retains the right to make additional modifications to the College COVID-19 Testing Policy for Faculty and Staff.