Appropriate Behavior Policy

Harvey Mudd College is committed to promoting and maintaining a working, learning and living environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct. The College’s Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy states that all faculty, staff, students and other members of the Harvey Mudd College community are responsible for ensuring that their conduct does not violate the policy. The Appropriate Behavior policies address the College’s stance regarding intimate relationships between faculty/staff and students and are included in the Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF).

Appropriate Behavior Policy – Staff

Harvey Mudd College discourages consensual intimate, amorous, or sexual relationships between students and staff, and absolutely prohibits such relationships whenever a staff member incident to any instructional, research, administrative or other College employment responsibility is involved in a relationship with a student whom s/he exercises authority over, supervises, or evaluates. Violations of this policy are subject to administrative action.

March 2004.

Appropriate Behavior Policy – Faculty

A sexual relationship between a faculty member and a student for whom the faculty member has, or should reasonably expect to have, academic responsibility, entails a conflict of interest and therefore, a breach of professional integrity. Accordingly, such relationships are prohibited even if consensual. “Academic responsibility” includes responsibility for teaching, advising, evaluating, or supervising a student in any aspect of the academic programs of Harvey Mudd College and the other institutions of The Claremont Consortium.

October 2003.