The HSA Program

The program in humanities, social sciences, and the arts is structured to promote both breadth of understanding and the in-depth study of a particular disciplinary or interdisciplinary area of special interest.

Each student takes HSA 10, a seminar course geared to developing writing and analytical skills, in the spring of his or her first year.  A minimum of ten further HSA courses are required in order to graduate.  At least four of these must be taken in the student’s chosen area of concentration; five (usually including one of the concentration courses and four others) go to satisfying distribution requirements; and two are electives.  At least one course (in addition to HSA 10) must include substantial writing.

As a means of integrating the study of the humanities, social sciences, and arts into the life of the Harvey Mudd community, the department requires that at least five of the ten courses in addition to HSA 10 be taken from departmental  faculty.  With only a single prescribed course, the program affords students substantial flexibility to pursue their individual interests and experiment with new areas of study.

Study abroad is common and easily fit within the program requirements, as are work in music and other creative endeavors.

Advising Resources has further information concerning the HSA program.