Participate in a Research Study

We are currently recruiting participants for the following studies:

  1. First-year HMC students are invited to participate in the Educational Experiences Study. Please watch your e-mail for a formal invitation.
  2. Individuals involved in romantic relationships are invited to contact us about our ongoing Daily Diary Study. Please contact
  3. Researchers at the other Claremont Colleges are currently recruiting participants for many studies about cognition and behavior. Please contact the psychology department at each school for additional information.

Social Connections Research Lab

Lab Members

  • Jessica Clevering (CGU)
  • Shelly DeFord (HMC)
  • Michelle Fong (HMC)
  • Rachel Howden (HMC)

Current Research Projects

  • How do the educational experiences of HMC students influence personal growth and development?
  • To what extent are relationship-relevant cognitions and behaviors of romantically involved couples yoked?
  • How does community connectedness among jail inmates change over the course of incarceration? How do these connections change over the year following release from jail and prison?


Reprints available upon request. Please see CV for a complete listing.