Departmental Goals

The HSA department’s goals divide into two main categories: first, goals for student learning and our curriculum; second, our broader professional goals as faculty of the College and the consortium.

Goals for Student Learning and Curriculum

  1. To provide a curriculum that
    • allows students to develop an understanding of the questions, methods, and content of our disciplines;
    • enables and encourages students to make connections between their work in mathematics, science, and engineering and the concerns and insights of the humanities, social scientists, and arts;
    • offers opportunities for the development of increased self-knowledge, an examined and evolving set of values, and an appreciation for the responsibilities of informed and active citizenship.
  2. fosters excellence in critical reading and thinking, and in writing
  3. To provide timely and productive advice for students as they shape their academic programs at the College.

Professional Goals

  1. To represent, communicate, and advocate the aims of a liberal arts education on our campus.
  2. To create a departmental environment conducive to professional and personal growth of all department members.
  3. To serve as liaisons between the College and our professional communities elsewhere in the Claremont Consortium.