Off-Campus Courses That May Satisfy the Writing Requirement

Students wishing to satisfy the writing requirement through an off-campus course must always submit a signed approval form (PDF). Since the HSA department has no control over off-campus courses, it is possible that a previously approved course may fail to satisfy the requirement the next time that it is offered (or vice versa). Thus, to receive credit for the writing requirement, you must ascertain that the course meets the department’s criteria in the semester in which you take the course.

As an aid to finding courses off campus that satisfy the requirement, the department maintains a list of those courses which have previously received approval. Again, it is possible that a course listed here will not satisfy the writing requirement in every future semester in which it is offered. There are additional off-campus courses that would satisfy the requirement. To identify these, you must contact the relevant instructors and inquire about the amount of formal graded writing in the course. We offer this list a starting point for investigation. (Departmental courses listed on the Satisfying the Writing Requirement page as having significant writing are assured to satisfy the writing required whenever they are offered and do not require an approval form.)

If you have further questions about the writing requirement, please speak with your HSA advisor or the department’s advising coordinator, Professor Paul Steinberg.

Field/Course/College Course Title Instructor
ANTH 3 (Pitzer) Language, Culture and Society Claudia Strauss
ANTH 02-01 (Scripps) Intro. Sociocultural Anthropology Lara Deeb
ANTH 067 (Pitzer) Monkeys, Apes, and Humans Raffaella Commitante
ANTH 117 (Pitzer) Language and Power Claudia Strauss
ANTH 119 (Scripps) East Asia Connections and Global Future Seo Young Park
ANTH 145 (Pomona) Cultural Ecology Jennifer Perry
ANTH 158 (Pomona) Anthropology of Sports Dru C. Gladney
ARHI 155 (Scripps) The History of Gardens: East and West Bruce A. Coats
ARHI 179 (Pomona) Modern Architecture George L. Gorse
ART 170 (Pomona) Art History of the Early Renaissance George Gorse
ASAM 75 (Pitzer) Asian Americans and Queer Zines Todd Honma
CHLT 115 (Pitzer) Gender, Race, and Class: Women of Color in the US Maria Gutierrez-Soldatenko
CHNT 164 (Pomona) Poetry & Poetics Sharon Han
CHST 184D (Scripps) Chicano Short fiction Rita Alcala
CLAS 10 (Pomona) The Epic Tradition Christopher Chinn
CLAS 145 (Pitzer) Archaeology Seminar Caroline Sauvage
CLAS 161 (Pitzer) Greek Art and Archaeology Caroline Sauvage
DANC 110B (Scripps) Ballet II Ronnie Brosterman
DANC 135 (Pomona) Traditions of World Dance Anthony Shay
EA 10 (Pitzer) Introduction to Environmental Analysis Melinda Herrold-Menzies
EA 098 (Pitzer) Urban Ecology Susan Phillips
EA 110 (Pitzer) Agriculture and Environment Protection Evaggelos Vallianatos
ECON 145 (Pitzer) International Economics Nyema Guanau
ECON 155 (Pomona) Law and Economics Stephen Marks
ECU 103 (Pitzer) Proyecto Independiente de Investigacion (DISP) Sebastian Granada
ENG 067 (Pomona) Intro to Literary Interpretation Arden Reed
ENG 074 (Pomona) British Novel, Behn to Austen Aaron Kunin
ENG 110 (Pitzer) Novels on Screen Bhattacharya
ENG 185 (Scripps) Memoir: Creative Nonfiction Writing Gayle Greene
ENGL 029 (Pitzer) Creative Writing for Non-Majors Felicia Lemus
ENGL 067 (Pomona) Literary Interpretation Aaron Kunin
ENGL 149 (Pomona) Korea’s IMF Crisis Cinema Joseph Jean
ENGL 154 (Pitzer) Novel on Screen Sumangala Bhattacharya
ENGL 156 (Pomona) Milton and Visual Culture Aaron Kurin
ENGL 159 (Pomona) Jane Austen Sarah Raff
ENGL 169 (Scripps) Contemporary American Fiction John Peavoy
ENGL 185F (Scripps) Fiction Writing Workshop Adam Novy
FGSS 026 (Scripps) Intro to Feminist/Gender/Sexuality Studies Mary Ann Davis
FPOL 007 (Pomona) Introduction to US Foreign Policy David Elliot
FREN 160 (Scripps) Hugo, Women and French Revolution France Lemaine
GOV 095 (CMC) Legal Studies: Intro to Law Ralph Rossum
GOV 122 (CMC) Leadership in Management Rossum
GOV 144B (CMC) Comparing Social Movements Aseema Sinha
GOV 145 (CMC) East Asian Government and Capitalism Myung-koo Kang
GOVT 151 (CMC) US, Israel, and the Arabs Edward Haley
GOVT 176 (CMC) American Constitutional History Charles Lofgren
GWS 188 (Scripps) Advanced Topics in Queer Studies Chris Guzaitis
HIST 056 (CMC) Middle East: Ottomans to Present Heather Ferguson
HIST 90 (CMC) Making a living in Early America Niklas Frykman
HIST 100J (Pomona) State & Citizen in Modern Japan Yamashita
HIST 104 (CMC) Late Antiquity & the Early Middle Ages Shane Rjornlie
HIST 107 (CMC) Ancient and Medieval Historians Shane Bjornlie
HIST 126 (Pitzer & CMC) American Constitutional History Charles Lofgren
HIST 132 (Pitzer) Marx in Context Andre Wakefield
HIST 138 (Pomona) Sex, Drugs, and Revolution: The Global Sixties Silverman/LeMelle
HIST 143 (Scripps) Cuba & Nicaragua Cindy Forster
HIST 159SC (Scripps) Gender and Masculinity in the European Enlightenment Farid Azfar
HIST 162C (CMC) China: Warning States to Unified Empire Arthur Rosenbaum
HIST 165.1 (Pomona) Twentieth Century China Angelina Chin
HIST 173.1 (Pomona) The French Revolution Gary Kates
HIST 174 (Pomona) The Russian Revolution Pey-yi Chu
HIST 175 (CMC) Women and Politics in America Diana Selig
HST 2032F (U of Cape Town Southern Africa to 1900 Nigel Penn
JAPT 176 (Pomona) Time and Space in Modern Japan Kyoko Koata
LGCS 105 (Pomona) Syntax Meredith Landman
LIT 038 (CMC) Fiction Writing Kevin Moffett
LIT 063 (CMC) Chaucer Ellen Rentz
LIT 104 (CMC) Tragedies of Sophocles John Farrell
LIT 107 (HMC) Short Fiction workshop David Wirthlin
LIT 110 (CMC) Age of Chivalry Ellen Rentz
LIT 145 (CMC) Oscar Wilde Lit. Keri Walsh
MS 049 (Pomona) Introduction to Media Studies Tom Connelly
MS 50 (Pomona) Language of Film Andrew Long
MUS 55 (Pomona) 7 Musical Wonders of the Western World Eric Lindholm
MUS 104 (HMC/Scripps) Music since 1900 Bill Alves
MUS 104 (Scripps) Music Since 1900 Bill Alves
MUS 118 (Scripps) Music in the United States Charles Kamm
PHIL 007 (Pitzer) Introduction to Philosophy Brian Keeley
PHIL 031 (Pomona) Ethical Theory: Ancient-Early Modern Julie Tannenbaum
PHIL 038 (Pomona) Bioethics Davis
PHIL 040 (Pomona) Ancient Philosophy Richard McKirahan
PHIL 43 (Pitzer) Continental Thought Dane Sawyer
PHIL 49 (Pomona) Science and Values Ann Davis
PHIL 100A (CMC) Classical Philosophy Susan Obdrzalek
PHIL 104 (Pitzer) Philosophy of Science Brian Keeley
PHIL 125 (Scripps) Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy John Ramsey
PHIL 135 (CMC) Philosophy of Mind Amy Kind
PHIL 150 (Scripps) Philosophy of Feminism Susan Castegnetto
PHIL 158 (CMC) Ethical Theory Andrew Schroeder
POL 111 (Scripps) Politics and Markets – Latin America Steven Samford
POLST (Pitzer) The Rise of Brazil William Barndt
POST 10B (Pitzer) Introduction to Political Studies: Comparative and Global Politics Geoff Herrera and Migel Boyle
POST 50 (Pitzer) Introduction to Political Philosophy Sharon Snowiss
POST 133 (Pitzer) Film, Politics, and the Cold Way Adrian Pantoja
POST 158 (Pitzer) Supreme Court/Constitution Robert Garrow
PPA 01 (Pomona) Intro to Public Policy Analysis Ann Quinley
PSYC 029 (Scripps) Social Neuroscience Michael Spezio
PSYC 107 (Pitzer) Theories of Personality Norma Rodriguez
PSYC 96 (CMC) Neuropsychology Cathy Reed
PSYC 135 (CMC) Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience Catherine Reed
PSYC 168 (Scripps) Social Psychology Jennifer Ma
RLST 21 (CMC) Jewish Civilizations Gary Gilbert
RLST 100 (Pomona) Worlds of buddhism Sok-Keng-Lilian Z. Ng
RLST 171 (CMC) Religion and Film Gaston Espinosa
RLST 137 (CMC) Jewish-Christian Relations Gary Gilbert
RUST 176 (Pomona) Moscow-Berlin Anne Dwyer
SOC 001 (Pitzer) Sociology and Its View of the World Phil Zuckerman or Erich Steinman
SOC 179B (HMC) Sociology through Ethnography Kim Babon
SPAN 101 (Scripps) Spanish Literature Cesar Lopez
THEA 02 (Pomona) The Dramatic Imagination James Taylor
THEA 170 (Pomona) Writing for the Stage Art Horowitz