2018 Hixon Fellows

Here are our 2018 Hixon Summer Research Fellows and their designated projects:

Megan Robalewski (SC-’21)

Megan Robalewski

Megan Robalewski (SC-’20)

Project Title: HMC Sustainability at a Glance 2018 – Report Design and Assembly

Project Supervisor: Louis Spanias (sustainability program manager)

Fellow Bio: Megan is a Scripps student pursuing a self-designed major in Human Centered Design. As a Hixon Fellow, she worked with Louis to draft and design HMC’s first comprehensive sustainability report based on STARS data. Megan is passionate about using design to communicate in intuitive, inspiring ways, particularly surrounding sustainability. She has also done design work for Scripps’ Food Recovery Network, and is working with the Hive at the Claremont Colleges and 5C Design for America to expand the reach of design opportunities at the 5Cs. In her free time, she enjoys calligraphy, traveling, and trying new recipes and foods. She will be studying graphic and urban design at DIS Copenhagen in Fall 2018.

Saleck Tikande (PZ-’19)

Saleck Tikande (PZ-'19)

Saleck Tikande (PZ-’19)

Project Title: HMC Sustainability at a Glance 2018 – Data Synthesis and Report Drafting

Project Supervisor: Louis Spanias

Fellow Bio: Saleck is a Pitzer student majoring in Environmental Analysis. He is also a Robert Redford Conservancy Fellow at Pitzer College. During the summer of 2017, he helped the Hixon Center gather campus wide sustainability data and prepare a comprehensive sustainability report to submit to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). As a Hixon Fellow, he helped Louis and the Hixon Center draft and publish a sustainability report that reflects current environmental performances and long-term goals at Harvey Mudd College. Some of his hobbies include playing djembe, hiking and riding his motorcycle in the canyons. He is hoping to pursue education in sustainability management and environmental policy in developing countries.

Olivia Whitener (PO-’19)

Olivia Whitener

Olivia Whitener (PO-’19)

Project Title: HMC Student Hunger and Malnutrition Report and Survey

Project Supervisor: Louis Spanias

Fellow Bio: Olivia Whitener is an Environmental Analysis major entering her fourth year at Pomona College. Originally from Maryland, she has found a new home in California surrounded by the sun and waves. You will most likely find her lying on Pomona College’s Walker Beach, shopping at a farmers’ market, or falling off her skateboard. She is obsessed with all things food (especially if it involves avocados), and loves learning about culinary cultures around the world. Though she has no idea what she’s going to do in the future, she would love to spend it revamping our broken food system to connect more people with healthy, delicious foods that are good for us and not destructive to the planet!