2016 Hixon Fellows

Ramonda Giddings (HMC-’17)

My name is Ramonda and I’m a rising senior majoring in Chemistry. This summer I’m working with Professor Srebotnjak to investigate methods of obtaining water, soil and crop samples for crops that have been exposed to oil and gasoline waste water during irrigation. I will also be looking at chemical analysis of these samples for contamination with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other compounds. Beyond the objective of global sustainability, I’m interested in transforming the world into a better place. In my free time I enjoy listening to Kanye West and watching Seinfeld reruns.

Lisa Goeller (HMC-’17)

My name is Lisa Goeller and I’m a rising senior mathematical and computational biology major at Harvey Mudd College. This summer I’ll be helping the Hixon Center develop spatial models of the communities that live near oil and gas wells to examine disparities in their sociodemographic and economic characteristics. In my free time, I like to go on boba runs and listen to Kanye.

Justin Lauw (HMC-’18)

I am Justin Lauw and I am an engineering student from the class of 2018. I am interested in urban planning and sustainable design. This summer, I will be assisting Res-Intel, a clean tech software company located in Claremont, in developing a data interface between the Res-Intel application and the US EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

Josh Miller (HMC-’18)

I’m Josh Miller, a math major in Harvey Mudd College’s class of 2018. I’m especially interested in the fields of probability, statistics, and combinatorics. I’m also interested in helping make the world a more sustainable place, particularly through alternative energy sources. This summer I will be working with Professor Srebotnjak in conjunction with PSE Healthy Energy and FracTracker Alliance to perform spatial analyses on a large data set of oil well locations throughout the country. We will be using ArcGIS to search for and identify patterns relating these wells to certain characteristics of fence-line communities. My hobbies include solving puzzles, playing video games, and video making.

Anthony Seto (HMC-’19)

My name is Anthony Seto, and I’m a rising sophomore at Harvey Mudd. This summer, I’ll be working at Res-Intel in analyzing methods of reducing energy costs for local businesses and homes, and also creating a user-friendly customer interface to promote more people to engage in energy savings programs. I’m interested in engineering and computer science.