2015 Hixon Fellows

Anjaneya Malpani (HMC-’18)

Hi! I am Anjaneya Malpani (Anji) and I am a potential engineering student in class of 2018. I am interested in playing sports, going for adventures, trying new things and thinking of ways to make the world more sustainable. This summer in Professor Srebotnjak’s lab I researched and evaluated hazards of oil and gas injection wells; these wells are used to dispose off the wastewater generated in the process of extracting oil. In addition to this, I worked on a project that involved designing and prototyping an umbrella called ParaSOL that would also serve as a solar powered charging station. I am always willing to chat to discuss more about the project so please reach out to me!

Joshua Lam (HMC-’17)

My name is Joshua Lam and I am a rising junior engineering major at Harvey Mudd College. I do mechanical and design engineering with an interest in energy-efficient designs. This summer I am designing a water-level sensor for fracking waste water.

Lee Norgaard (HMC-’18)

My name is Lee Norgaard, and I am a member of Harvey Mudd’s Class of 2018. I am working on the survey of sustainability activities on the 7-C’s. My interests include traveling, architecture, and mac’n cheese.

Lillian Liang (HMC-’18)

I’m Lillian, and I’m a member of the Harvey Mudd College Class of 2018. This summer, I’m an intern at Claremont Energy Challenge, an initiative to engage Claremont in energy efficiency education and action and create a scalable and repeatable model for city sustainability. I’m working with Prof. Srebotnjak and other Claremont Energy Challenge interns to design the Walk the Town, an educational outreach initiative in which volunteers will walk door-to-door all 13,000 homes in Claremont and start a city-wide conversation about energy efficiency. I’m also working with Anji and some other friends under Prof. Srebotnjak’s advisement on building the ParaSOL, a solar-powered laptop charging station in the form of a patio umbrella! In my free time, I read, play tennis, and explore the area – I also have a budding interest in rock climbing!

Emily Chittick (POM-’17)

My name is Emily Chittick and I’m a rising junior at Pomona College. This summer I’m working with Professor Srebotnjak to investigate the chemicals present in fracking waste water and the possible health risks they pose. My interests center on environmental issues, particularly policy and environmental justice, and in my free time I enjoy reading, singing, and backpacking. I’m also working with the Claremont Energy Challenge to help achieve unprecedented goals in residential energy efficiency through public education and engagement.