Hixon Summer Research Fellowships

Note: The Summer Research Fellowship program is on hiatus for 2019. Please look out for updates around January 2020.

Each year, the Hixon Center provides up to three summer research fellowships to students interested in performing research in environmental sustainability. These students, aptly referred to as ‘Hixon Fellows’, directly engage in the Center’s research projects. These projects may also entail opportunities for students to work with other organizations or companies. Calls for applications are issued at the beginning of the spring semester, with the deadline set for the beginning of March. Undergraduate students from across the Claremont Colleges are highly encouraged to apply!

During the course of their fellowship, Hixon Fellows will be directly mentored and supervised by Professor Tanja Srebotnjak, director of the Hixon Center, and at times by other Harvey Mudd staff depending on the project (e.g., the sustainability program manager, the senior director of facilities, etc.). The duration of the fellowship is 10 weeks, starting in late May and finishing in late July/early August. Depending on the project and student availability, research can be performed remotely, or on the Harvey Mudd campus.

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