Hixon Center Research

One of the Hixon Center’s three pillars is ‘research’. The Center’s research is closely linked to local representations of sustainability challenges that scale up to the global level such as ecosystem resilience, energy systems, mobility, water resource management and climate change.

Research Questions

The Center currently pursues the following main research questions:

  1. What are the environmental and health risks associated with unconventional energy development and how can they be mitigated?
  2. How can we achieve systemic, lasting and transferable reductions in energy consumption at the local level?
  3. How is sustainability manifested in pedagogy, research and community action at Harvey Mudd College and what does the social network structure underlying these activities look like?

As the Center continues to grow and evolve, its research portfolio will too. It is envisioned that eventually all core disciplines at the College will be represented and contribute to research addressing many current and emerging environmental challenges.

Research Opportunities

The Hixon Center offers a number of paid research opportunities, on and off campus, including:

Technical Working Paper Series

The Hixon Center maintains a Technical Working Paper series as a means to share interesting findings from research projects as well as insights from a variety of in-house projects and collaborations. We also accept contributions from faculty, staff and students at the Claremont Colleges. Studies are reviewed by an editorial board and professionally edited. The papers can be found along with our other publications and media content.