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Where Does Your Candidate Stand on the Environment? Part 3: Climate and Environment at the National Conventions

August 14, 2016

BY: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager When I last evaluated the environmental stances of our presidential candidates, it was all but certain that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be the respective nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties. This past month, both were formally selected by their parties at the Republican and Democratic National […]

‘Brexit’ and the Environment: Part 2

August 14, 2016

BY: PROFESSOR TANJA SREBOTNJAK, DIRECTOR OF THE HIXON CENTER This is Part 2 of the Hixon Center’s three-part series (read Part 1 here) on the implications of the Brexit vote for the environment and climate change. It discusses some of the potential effects that the UK’s parting from the EU could have on environmental protection in […]

Mt. San Antonio Gardens Conservation Plan

August 1, 2016

BY: LAUREN D’SOUZA, with contributions from Sam Tanenbaum Mt. San Antonio Gardens, a 500 resident, 31-acre retirement community with central facilities, homes, cottages, and apartments in Claremont and Pomona, is undertaking an energy conservation plan for their campus. Maureen Beith, the CEO of the Gardens, announced the carbon reduction strategy at her monthly meeting with the […]

Nixing the Leaf Blower: Resource-Heavy Appliances + Resource-Light Alternatives

July 28, 2016

BY: LAUREN D’SOUZA Every morning, I am awoken not by my phone’s alarm, but by the loud, annoying, seemingly omnipresent din of leaf blowers. This summer, I’m living in Westwood, a section of Los Angeles adjacent to the beautiful UCLA campus, the Los Angeles National Cemetery, and an expansive public park and playground. Although the […]

‘Brexit’ and the Environment: Part 1

July 11, 2016

BY: PROFESSOR TANJA SREBOTNJAK, DIRECTOR OF THE HIXON CENTER On June 23rd, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The future for both the UK and the EU are uncertain following this monumental decision, but what impact will this decision have for the environment? Tanja Srebotnjak, in a three-part series, takes us through […]

Anne Bremer: Rejuvenating the Claremont Energy Challenge

July 11, 2016

The Hixon Center sat down with the new Program Manager for the Claremont Energy Challenge, Anne Bremer, to discuss the upcoming plans for energy efficiency in Claremont. ————————————————HCSED: Tell us a little bit about yourself—what’s your background with sustainability in Claremont and with the Claremont Energy Challenge? Anne Bremer: I grew up in the East San Francisco Bay […]

For the Eco-Conscious Buyer: Beware of Fake Food Claims

July 8, 2016

BY: PROFESSOR TANJA SREBOTNJAK, DIRECTOR OF THE HIXON CENTER As I was returning from an overseas trip, I stumbled across an interesting article in the in-flight magazine. It was interesting not only because of its educational content, but because it was in an airline magazine – the kind that typically focuses on enticing customers with […]

San Francisco Hosts 7th Clean Energy Ministerial on June 1-2, 2016

June 13, 2016

BY: PROFESSOR TANJA SREBOTNJAK, DIRECTOR OF THE HIXON CENTER Recently, and almost quietly, the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) took place in San Francisco. The CEM was launched in 2010 as a forum of the world’s major economies, leading clean energy investors and innovative public and private organizations to work together to accelerate the global […]

Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges

June 2, 2016

Professor Tanja Srebotnjak, Director of the Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design, reflects on a Digital Humanities workshop hosted at the Claremont Colleges and offers her thoughts on ‘digital humanities’ going forward. BY: PROFESSOR TANJA SREBOTNJAK, DIRECTOR OF THE HIXON CENTER Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a Mellon Foundation funded workshop on […]

Where Does Your Candidate Stand on the Environment? Part 2: Trump Confirms Energy Stances

May 27, 2016

BY: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager In our previous segment, we discussed the environmental policy stances of the remaining frontrunners in this year’s Presidential election. More specifically, we took to the campaign websites of each candidate, and looked to see what Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders had to offer on environmental issues. Readers […]

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