HMC Guide to Sustainable Living

As the world faces the consequences and impacts of anthropogenic climate change, Harvey Mudd College must do its part to reduce its ecological footprint. This requires a holistic and deliberate change in practice – reducing our waste out; conserving water and energy; and making changes in our food and material consumption. All members of the HMC community – students, faculty and staff alike – must make an effort to change their habits as part of this greater effort.

To address this need, the Hixon Center is happy to provide students, faculty and staff with the Second Edition of the Guide to Sustainable Living!

The Guide provides a comprehensive list of opportunities and suggestions for readers to embrace a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. It offers a number of helpful tips, suggestions and facts, ranging across a variety of areas, from recycling to energy and water conservation to food choices.

We hope that this will serve as a resource for the HMC community for years to come, and we are optimistic that even a quick perusal of this guide will lead to environmentally sustainable changes on campus.

Physical copies of the guide can be picked up at the Hixon Center.

This guide has been adapted from ‘The Little Green Book’ (Pomona College Sustainability Integration Office) and ‘The Green Guide’ (Pitzer College Office of Sustainability). View the First Edition of the Guide.

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