About Our Interns

The Energize Colleges program has proudly supported interns who stand among the best students that the Claremont Colleges have to offer. This page highlights student interns who are currently a part of the program, as well as all of our past interns.

Fall 2018 Interns

Ajitha Anand (CMC-’18)

Project: Sustainability Report Card – City of Claremont

Ajitha is helping the City of Claremont compile data toward preparing a Sustainability Report Card for the city. The report card is an assessment of the city’s performance in regards to various sustainability metrics.

Bradley Phelps (HMC-’19)

Project: GHG Emissions and Sustainability Data Internship – Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design

Bradley is assisting the Hixon Center with compiling emissions data from 2008 to 2018, with the goal of preparing a complete decadal emissions inventory for Harvey Mudd College.

Natalie Quek (SC-’19)

Project: Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan – City of Rancho Cucamonga

Saleck Tikande (PZ-’19)

Project: Energy Offsets from Forestry – Eden Reforestration Projects

Saleck is assisting local non-profit Eden Reforestation with assembling databases of forestry efforts in Africa, with the goal of identifying figures and opportunities for greenhouse gas emissions sequestration.

Carolyn Weisman (CMC-’21)

Project: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculation – City of Claremont

Carolyn is assisting the City of Claremont with collecting data towards the preparation of a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the City.

Spring 2018 Interns

Sabrina Chang (HMC-’19)

Project: Community Home Energy Retrofit Project – Claremont Locally Grown Power Testing and Verification

Sabrina led a team of students in fully characterizing a solar cell with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and thermal recordings. This included placing solar cells in reverse bias conditions and running EIS with external bias, showing voltage-dependent defects that occur in the cell.

Luyi Huang (PZ-’19)

Project: Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design, Campus Sustainability Internship

Luyi helped the Hixon Center compile and organize data for Harvey Mudd College’s first-ever STARS Report. The report was successfully submitted in March 2018, and HMC earned a STARS Bronze Rating in May 2018. Luyi also assisted with research on campus sustainability reports.

Vicki Moran (HMC-’20)

Project: City of Rancho Cucamonga Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Preparation

Vicki assisted the City of Rancho Cucamonga with preparing a municipal greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

Nico Naar (HMC-’20)

Project: Community Home Energy Retrofit Project – Claremont Locally Grown Power Planning and Operations

Nico assisted CHERP with designing and developing floor plans for a solar panel production factory that will be built in Claremont or Pomona as part of CHERP’s Claremont Locally Grown Power initiative.

Bradley Phelps (HMC-’19)

Project: HMC Office of Facilities and Maintenance, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Bradley assisted F&M with collecting data for multiple campus greenhouse gas emissions inventories. He also helped evaluate, prepare and deliver proposals for Revolving Green Fund Projects at HMC.

Austin Zimmerman (PZ-’18)

Project: City of Rancho Cucamonga Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Comparison, Analysis, and Preparation

Austin assisted the City of Rancho Cucamonga with collecting data from ten existing municipal greenhouse gas emissions inventory and conducting comparative analyses. He also assisted the city with preparing its own greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

Fall 2017 Interns

Kayalin Akens-Matthews-Irby (CMC-’18)

Project: Facilities and Campus Services Internship, Claremont McKenna College

Kayalin used her graphic design skills to help create and modify user-friendly documents and webpages regarding sustainability for CMC.

Deji Andrew (HMC-’19)

Project: Operations Planning and Manufacturing Research, Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)

Deji is an engineering major at HMC. He is interested in renewable energy, as well as in mechanical and industrial engineering. As part of this internship, Deji performed research and created prototypes for solar factory materials and operations methods.

Zachary Evans (HMC-’18)

ProjectTesting and Verification Internship, Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)

Zach is a chemistry major at HMC conducting research on the electrochemical properties of solar cells and soil slurries. He is an active member of Engineers for a Sustainable World / Mudders Organizing Sustainable Solutions (ESW/MOSS), the Living Learning Community, and the Adventure Club at HMC. As part of his internship, Zach continued performing solar cell experiments as part of the Claremont Locally Grown Power initiative, and was instrumental in gaining access to the necessary equipment for conducting those experiments. He led a team of volunteers who assist with his project.

Feiyang Lin (HMC-’21)

Project: Central Facilities Services Internship, The Claremont Colleges Services

Feiyang worked to to implement energy solutions for the The Claremont Colleges Services administrative building on First Street.

Margot Lockwood (HMC-’21)

Project: Cool Roofs & Bees Research Project, Harvey Mudd College

Margot is a prospective Physics and Mathematics Joint major. She worked on a research project investigating a possible connection between Cool Roofs and bee mortality rates at the Claremont Colleges.

Saleck Tikande (PZ-’19)

Project: Facilities & Maintenance Internship, Harvey Mudd College

Saleck is majoring in Environmental Analysis with an emphasis in Sustainability in the Built Environment. He is very interested in environmental policy in developing countries, and also works for the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College. Saleck assisted the Hixon Center and F&M in compiling sustainability data towards producing HMC’s first STARS report (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System).

Danrong Wang (CMC-’21)

Project: Building and Energy Management Internship, Claremont McKenna Colleges Facilities and Campus Services

Danrong collected and analyzed data for various buildings at CMC, which will be used towards CMC’s participation in the 5C PowerDown competition. The data is intended to show each building’s electricity, gas, and water consumption.

Spring 2017 Interns

Samuel Becker (CMC-’19)

Project: Solar Initiative Internship, Claremont University Consortium (CUC)

Sam has been a major driving force in campus engagement regarding solar power at the Claremont Colleges. He helped to produce a comprehensive report that provided the financial justifications for solar power on campus.

Ellen Broaddus (CMC-’20)

Project: Claremont McKenna College Facilities & Campus Services Internship

Ellen helped compile campus sustainability data for CMC’s STARS Report (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System). She also helped organize events and outreach for food waste prevention in the Collins Dining Hall at CMC.

Duncan Crowley (HMC-’18)

Project: Harvey Mudd College Facilities & Maintenance Internship

Duncan helped HMC’s Facilities & Maintenance department with co-organizing and promoting the 5C PowerDown competition on the HMC campus. He helped collect data for greenhouse gas emissions inventories.

Jenny Fang (CMC-’19)

Project: Energy Education Internship, Claremont McKenna College

Jenny’s work has helped instill a consciousness within the CMC community about how our daily actions affect our health, the environment, and other people. She worked with different departments and offices across the CMC campus to expand their procurement practices to include more environmentally sustainable and ethical products and reduce unnecessary waste. Jenny also created a Green Guide for new student orientation to educate incoming students about CMC’s culture around sustainability.

Jahnavi Kocha (CMC-’19)

Project: Energy Generation & Storage Cluster Internship, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

Jahnavi is majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics. On campus, she works at the Writing Center, researches with The Lowe Institute and with EnviroLab Asia, and runs Claremont Women in Business. As part of her internship, Jahnavi collected information about energy generation and energy storage for LACI’s repository of tech companies and start-ups across Los Angeles.

Catherine Leon (CMC-’19)

Project: Finance Committee, Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)

Catherine’s contributions to the CHERP’s Claremont Locally Grown Power initiative were instrumental, especially as they’ve continued to move forward on their venture to finance a solar factory in Claremont that is now in its early development stages.

William Masters (CMC-’18)

Project: Net Zero Water Research Internship, United States Green Building Council – Inland Empire Chapter (USGBC-IE)

William worked with a fellow Energize Colleges intern, Yijing, on helping the USGBC-IE and the Chino Basin Water Conservation District plan and host a Net Zero Water Symposium. William worked to create a GIS map of local water conservation efforts across the Inland Empire.

Daniel McCabe (HMC-’17)

Project: Testing and Verification Committee, Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)

Daniel helped CHERP advance experimentation on Forward-Only Zero Hotspots (FOZHS) and highlight an issue that decreases solar cell efficiency. His research is not only helping CLGP offer an alternative option for consumers, but it will also ultimately be published in a white paper sometime in 2018.

Kenlyn Mirbach (CMC-’20)

Project: Energy Interpretation and Community Education Internship, Chino Basin Water Conservation District (CBWCD)

Kenlyn was heavily involved with educational workshops for both high school and elementary school students, supporting and refining the CBWCD curriculum. Her outreach and education efforts in surrounding communities have been instrumental towards advancing CBWCD’s sustainability goals.

Olivia Schneble (HMC-’17)

Project: Manufacturing and Training Committee, Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)

Olivia taught and led a group of volunteers toward understanding the manufacturing components of solar cells. Olivia helped develop a manual of best practices for solar cell manufacturing, which continues to be used and built upon as the CLGP initiative advances.

Erin Tully (CMC-’18)

Project: Environmental Services Fellowship, SoCalGas

Erin Tully is a dual major in Environmental Analysis and PPE. She is interested in public policy, economic analysis, and environmental issues. Erin works for Career Services and the Bike Shop on campus, and is the President of the Mock Trail team. As part of her internship, Erin studied the positive and negative aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practiced by SoCalGas and other large companies. She presented her findings to the Board Members of SoCalGas.

Yijing Zhang (CMC-’18)

Project: Net Zero Water Outreach Intern, United States Green Building Council – Inland Empire Chapter (USGBC-IE)

Yijing is majoring in Psychology and Environmental Analysis, and is particularly interested in sustainability in the built environment. As part of her internship, Yijing helped create a GIS map of local net zero water projects to present at a World Water Day Celebration.