Energize Colleges Faculty Grants

Note: Directly taken from the Energize Colleges Faculty Grant Application.

Through the Energize Colleges program, faculty are eligible for a variety of support services, including faculty grants up to $5,000 to help cover the costs of instructional materials, field and lab experiences, and faculty time dedicated to enhancing existing and creating new courses, degrees and certificates. Average grants will range from $2,000-$3,500, but will be offered up to $5,000. Larger grants ($3,000-$5,000) are designed for substantial projects, such as new Certificate and Degree development.Smaller grants ($1,000-$3,000) can be used to develop new courses or enhance existing approved courses, certificates, and degrees through infusion of project-based, experiential learning, within the framework of the approved outline.

Grant award payments will be made in two installments, with 50% of the grant given at the onset of the project, and the remaining 50% awarded upon project completion and demonstration of project outcomes. This payment schedule may be adjusted on a case by case basis if needed for the purchase of instructional materials, equipment, or field learning experiences.

Specifically, we will support faculty to expand and create academic programs and learning experiences around the following 8 energy career pathways:

  1. Energy Engineering: energy efficiency, energy storage, the smart grid, and the energy-water nexus
  2. Environmental Controls Technology: HVAC, Building Commissioning, Operations, and Building Controls
  3. Solar Design, Sales, and Estimation
  4. Installation & Maintenance: EE retrofitting, HVAC, lighting, solar & retro-commissioning
  5. Energy Auditing
  6. Energy Storage
  7. Energy & Environmental Management: utility bill analysis and monitoring, policy, utility program management, and government
  8. Building Construction & Architecture

To submit a Faculty Grant Application, fill out the application form. Submit the completed form by e-mail to the Energize Colleges Fellow at energizecollegesclaremont@gmail.com.