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Fall Break: National and State Park Road Trips

October 2, 2016

BY: LAUREN D’SOUZA (Note: The following article was originally posted on the CMC Forum on October 14, 2015. With the permission of the author, it is reproduced below to fit the Hixon Center’s theme of Outdoor Recreation for the month of October.) As an Arizona native, I have self-proclaimed authority over state and national parks in the […]

For the Eco-Conscious Buyer: Beware of Fake Food Claims

July 8, 2016

BY: PROFESSOR TANJA SREBOTNJAK, DIRECTOR OF THE HIXON CENTER As I was returning from an overseas trip, I stumbled across an interesting article in the in-flight magazine. It was interesting not only because of its educational content, but because it was in an airline magazine – the kind that typically focuses on enticing customers with […]

Trash to Treasure: Make Your Move-Out Sustainable!

May 2, 2016

BY: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager Think about everything in your dorm room – your furniture, your clothes, your appliances…In just under a couple of weeks, you will have to move all of that stuff out. Move-out is a particularly stressful event for college students, most of whom realize that they just can’t keep everything. […]

The Hixon Center’s Alternatives to Disposable Products

April 21, 2016

BY: LAUREN D’SOUZA Americans live a lifestyle focused on disposable goods. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of carrying around and cleaning out reusable items, it often seems easier or more convenient to grab one-time use products. However, this attitude can be dangerous and lead to an immense amount of plastic waste that […]

Prof. Julie Medero: Vegan, Cylist, & Happy

April 10, 2016

The Hixon Center sat down with Professor Julie Medero, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, to discuss being vegan, not owning a car, and her family’s eco-conscious lifestyle.  —————————————————— HCSED: Have you always been vegan? Julie Medero: I haven’t always been vegan, actually. I grew up in a family in which no one was vegetarian, and I’m […]