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Sustainability Focus Groups

Picture of a group of people sitting in a circle and talking

By: TANJA SREBOTNJAK, Hixon Center Director During the spring the Hixon Center, with the help of CGU doctoral student Sara Hollar, conducted a series of focus groups on sustainability at Harvey Mudd College. The goal for the undertaking was to evaluate the work of the Hixon Center over the past 4+ years against people’s perceptions […]

The “Green New Deal” – Part 3: Will It Pass?

Green New Deal Supporters Rallying

By: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager The past two segments of this blog series have covered a lot of ground on the “Green New Deal” Resolution. In the first segment, I explained what exactly the “Green New Deal” was: a blueprint by which Congress could legislate on the issues of climate change and economic injustice. […]

The “Green New Deal” – Part 1: What Exactly Is It?

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announces Green New Deal resolution

By: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager This past February, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced the “Green New Deal,” a proposed package of programs and goals that aims to directly address climate change as well as economic inequality. It is named after and inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” of […]

Learning Design and Designing Learning

People gathering for a design thinking workshop

By: TANJA SREBOTNJAK, Hixon Center director Over winter break, I had the opportunity to participate in a week-long design thinking workshop at Stanford’s The workshop’s 45 domestic and international attendees represented a broad range of educational institutions and functions, from the Air Force University to engineering and the medical professions, while all sharing the […]

The Meeting of the Minds

People gathering at a conference

By: TANJA SREBOTNJAK, Hixon Center director Last week I attended the Meeting of the Minds annual summit in Sacramento, CA. I joined more than 400 leaders from clean technology companies, municipal governments and agencies, non-profit organizations, and other sectors, who are all driven by one mission: speeding up the transition to sustainable systems and doing […]

Part 3: Sustainable Management of Critical Materials – What is It, and Why Do We Care?

Life Cycle Assessment graphic

By: TANJA SREBOTNJAK, Director of the Hixon Center This is the third and final part of a multi-part series on the sustainable management of critical materials. Read Part 1 and Part 2. The previous two segments of this series covered the history and technical details of determining material criticality. This third and final segment identifies some […]

The Circulatory System of Cities: Berlin, Germany

Routemap of Berlin's Liniennetz transit system

By: KAREESA KRON, student (HMC-’18) If the highways and streets in Los Angeles County represent the veins of the city as the primary conduit for travel and economic activity, then the traffic and dominance of cars means that L.A. should consider improving its diet and starting to exercise. The constant clots of traffic and the […]

Deliberate Urban Planning: A Case Study of Berlin, Germany

Planning map of Berlin, Germany

By: ZACHARY EVANS, student (HMC-’18) A person characterizing the layout of Southern California would have to include its haphazard urban sprawl. This rat’s nest of roads resulted from uncoordinated, stop-and-go development from various economic booms. From my experiences in Berlin this summer, Germans would not tolerate the jumbled urban planning here, because a sense of […]

A Call to Institutionalize Sustainability at Harvey Mudd

Harvey Mudd College campus

By: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager; and TANJA SREBOTNJAK, Director of the Hixon Center Sustainability remains one of Harvey Mudd’s target areas for progress. As we argue here, the College must foster a culture around environmental sustainability on campus and among all of its community members if it is to prepare students for the real […]

Planning a Sustainable City in Cape Town

BY: LAUREN D’SOUZA, Web & Social Media Coordinator Note: Lauren is studying Global Sustainability & Environment in Cape Town, South Africa this semester. Read her previous post on the program to learn more. The 1987 Brundtland Commission famously defined sustainability as balancing the “interlocking crises” of three broad areas of concern: environmental, social, and economic. […]