About the Hixon Center

The Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design at Harvey Mudd College was created in 2015 to initiate, support and coordinate college-wide programs and activities related to sustainability research, teaching and practice.


The Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design is dedicated to promoting sustainability at Harvey Mudd College through science-based inquiry in research and pedagogy, active participation in local community actions, and meaningful engagement at the global level.

Three Pillars

The Hixon Center’s mission is achieved and upheld through actions and solutions in three principle areas: research, pedagogy, and campus and community sustainability.


The Hixon Center works under the guiding principle of “learning by doing” and the belief that “there is no substitute for knowledge” (W. Edwards Deming). Finding solutions to man-made environmental problems is an inherently trans-disciplinary and community-oriented challenge. The Center’s research and initiatives are, therefore, closely linked to local representations of sustainability challenges that scale up to the global level such as ecosystem resilience, energy systems, mobility, water resource management and climate change.

More information is available on the Hixon Center’s Research webpage.


Harvey Mudd College is nationally recognized as a leader in STEM education. In particular, the College combines rigorous training in engineering, the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science with a solid foundation in the humanities and the social sciences to educate the next generation of leaders in their fields who fully understand the impact of their work on society. The Hixon Center was established to support this mission and works to offer a range of educational, research and practical opportunities in the environmental sciences, natural resource management and conservation.

You can learn more about environmental courses and curricular programs at Harvey Mudd College on the webpage for the Emphasis in Environmental Analysis.

Campus Sustainability

Alongside pedagogy and research, the Hixon Center aims to promote environmental sustainability through campus projects and initiatives. Through each of these venues, we strive to engage students, faculty and staff throughout the Claremont Colleges, as well as members of the city of Claremont and beyond, to:

  1. open up dialogues about environment and sustainability topics outside of the classroom setting
  2. encourage sustainable behavior and practice in everyday living on- and off-campus, and
  3. establish connections between Harvey Mudd College, the Claremont Colleges, and outside community members in order to create sustainable change on- and off-campus.

You can learn more about the Hixon Center’s activities on campus and beyond on the Projects and Initiatives webpage.


The Hixon Center is establishing partnerships with a variety of departments, campus groups and institutions across the Claremont Colleges to help reduce its environmental footprint and build a sustainable campus. Some of our 5C partners include:

The Hixon Center has also partnered with local entities, including: