Rasmussen Summer Research Projects Selected for 2019

The Rasmussen Summer Research Fund, co-administered by professor Albert Dato (engineering) and the Hixon Center for Sustainable Environmental Design, will be supporting eight projects for the summer 2019 period. The Fund annually supports student and faculty research in environmental fields.

The Hixon Center is delighted to announce the following recipients and their project titles. Proposal details and abstracts will be added to the Rasmussen Summer Research Fund webpage shortly.

  • “Fish and Chips” – professor Matthew Spencer (engineering)
  • “Species Diversity and Biogeography of Alcyoniid Soft Corals in the northern South China Sea” – professor Catherine McFadden (biology)
  • “Investigating the Mechanism of Bio-Inspired Catalysts that Degrade Perchloroethylene” – professor Katherine van Heuvelen (chemistry)
  • “Net Zero Feasibility Study for Village South Specific Plan” – professor emeritus Richard Haskell (physics)
  • “Just How Good are IdealPV Solar Panels?” – professor Peter Saeta (physics)
  • “Elastic Materials Assessment for use as a Mechanical Battery” – professor Mark Ilton (physics)
  • “Spatial modeling of the climatic ecology and geographic range of a desert lizard” – professor Steve Adolph (biology)
  • “Human-Centered Design Project to Decrease Bear Bile Demand in Vietnam” – Alicia Ngo (HMC-’20)

Questions about the Rasmussen Summer Research Fund can be sent to professor Albert Dato at adato@g.hmc.edu.