Hixon Center Director Co-Publishes New Study on the Value of Marine Ecosystems

Hixon Center director Tanja Srebotnjak, as part of a consortium of scientists, recently published a study assessing the dependency of communities on marine ecosystem services.

The study, titled “Mapping global human dependence on marine ecosystems,” is now published in peer-reviewed journal Conservation LettersThe assessment involved fine-scale mapping of selected indicators of human use and dependency on marine ecosystems, including the provision of marine protein, economic employment in fisheries and tourism, and protection from floods and sea level rise through mangrove forests. It also assessed the extent to which communities are able to substitute these services with others available on land.

The researchers aggregated the indicators for each spatial grid cell and ranked them from high to low dependency, looking in particular for ‘hotspots’ (i.e., places with high dependency and dense populations). One of the goals of the study is to help focus conservation efforts on areas of particular value and impact potential.

For more information about the study, you may e-mail Tanja Srebotnjak at tsrebotnjak@g.hmc.edu.