PowerDown Competition to begin on February 13th!

The PowerDown Competition is back for 2018! Each spring, the Claremont Colleges compete against one another to see whose residence halls can reduce their electricity consumption the most! Harvey Mudd will be competing against Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps over a two-week period!

The competition officially begins on Tuesday, February 13th and will run for two weeks until Tuesday, February 27th. The school with the greatest cumulative percentage reduction in electricity consumption will be announced as the victor and will win $500! Each institution can decide what it would like to do with the prize money.

Like last year, the stakes will be unique at Harvey Mudd. The prize money will be given to the top two performing dorms on the Mudd campus should Harvey Mudd win the PowerDown competition. This means that every dorm on campus has to do its part to win any money. The top performing dorm will be awarded $350, and the second-place dorm will be awarded $150.

The Sustainability Reps from ESW/MOSS and the Hixon Center will soon be announcing events on and off campus in the spirit of PowerDown. Students will also be tabling in the dining halls, where you will have the opportunity to take the PowerDown Pledge, sign up for a special competition mailing list, and get a PowerDown sticker to help spread the word!

Last year, Harvey Mudd College came in third place with just over a 5% reduction in electricity consumption. Claremont McKenna College placed in second, and Pitzer College earned first place.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hixon Center at hixoncenter@hmc.edu.