How to Have Yourself a Sustainable Halloween!

By: LOUIS SPANIAS, Sustainability Program Manager

For many of us, Halloween is our favorite holiday of the year. The haunted houses, the costumes, the candy – Halloween can be a welcome diversion from our daily and more serious occupations. After all, who doesn’t love dressing up, and who doesn’t love candy?

We at the Hixon Center have some suggestions for you to keep your Halloween spook-tastic and enjoyable, while at the same time making it more sustainable:

  • Reuse as much as possible – Halloween comes every year, so find opportunities to reuse what you can. Hold on to those decorations and use them each time. Repurpose clothing and other items to craft eccentric and fun costumes instead of buying a brand new one.
  • Having a celebration? Avoid disposables. For many of us, partying is an inherent part of the Halloween party. Do your best to avoid disposables and use any glasses or washable utensils and plates that you have.
  • Look for sustainable treats – Individually wrapped, sugary Halloween candy is neither good for the planet nor our teeth. Try some alternatives like organic or homemade treats like raisin packages, decorated fruit sticks, or reusable bags of popcorn and roasted pumpkin seeds. Or go for something different altogether like fair trade pencils, seashells, glass marbles, or mini pumpkins. Think the kids won’t like it? You’ll be surprised!
  • Get local pumpkins, and make the most of them – Pumpkin carving is one of the most enjoyable parts of Halloween, but remember to get your pumpkins from a local vendor. Instead of carving up the pumpkin, decorate it externally and use what you can from the inside of the pumpkin to cook/bake delicious treats like breads, pies, and roasted pumpkin seeds. You can compost the rest!
  • Going trick-or-treating? Get an LED flashlight! – LED bulbs are more energy efficient (and brighter) than your standard incandescent and CFL bulbs!

The Hixon Center wishes you a fun, safe, and sustainable Halloween!