Hixon Center announces 2017 Rasmussen summer research projects

The Hixon Center recently selected four proposals, submitted by HMC students and faculty, for research projects to be funded by the Rasmussen Summer Research Fund this summer. The Rasmussen Fund, administrated this year by Professor Albert Dato (engineering), supports student and faculty research in the area of environmental sustainability. The Fund is dedicated to supporting science-based inquiry into a broad range of environmental issues, in the form of either faculty or student research proposals. Projects are funded through the summer, and recipients will present their findings upon return to campus in the fall.

Here are the selected project proposals for summer 2017:

  • Internship at Aerodyne Research, Inc.
    Jason Casar (HMC-’18)
  • Low Altitude Spatio-Temporal Aerosol Particle Distribution Modeling in Urban & Suburban Environments via Self-Guided Vehicles
    Professor Christopher Clark (Engineering) and Professor Lelia Hawkins (Chemistry)
  • Fish and Chips
    Professor Matthew Spencer (Engineering)
  • Development of Bio-Inspired Catalysts for Dechlorination Reactions
    Professor Katherine Van Heuvelen (Chemistry)

The proposal abstracts are now available online. The projects will be funded and take place for the entirety of the summer. Final reports are due at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. A small celebratory gala event will be held for faculty and staff to present their research to the Harvey Mudd community.

Proposals were evaluated by Professor Albert Dato, Professor Dick Haskell, Professor Hal van Ryswyk, and Professor Tanja Srebotnjak.

Questions about the Rasmussen Fund and selected proposals can be directed to hixoncenter@hmc.edu, or to Professor Dato at adato@hmc.edu.