Hixon Center announces Research Fellows for summer 2017

The Hixon Center recently selected three students from across the Claremont Colleges to serve as research fellows for summer 2017. Each year, the Hixon Center provides up to three summer research fellowships to students interested in performing research in environmental sustainability. These students, aptly referred to as ‘Hixon Fellows’, directly engage in the Center’s research projects. These projects may also entail opportunities for students to work with other organizations or companies.

The Hixon Fellows for summer 2017, and their designated research project titles, are listed below:

  • Ailin Zhang (HMC-’18) – Laboratory testing of plant absorption of contaminants in oil and gas wastewater used for agricultural crop irrigation in California
  • William Masters (CMC-’18) – Monetary evaluation of environmental burden of disease in Germany
  • Saleck (“Koto”) Tikande (PZ-’19) – Data gathering and preparation for STARS Sustainability Rating for Harvey Mudd College

The Hixon Fellows will conduct their research on and off campus starting in May and concluding in early August. The Hixon Center is excited to work with these outstanding students, and will share the results of their work at the conclusion of their fellowships.

For more information, you can view the Hixon Summer Research Fellowships page or send an e-mail to hixoncenter@hmc.edu.