Hixon Center releases two new Technical Working Papers

This past week, the Hixon Center released two new papers as part of its Technical Working Paper series.

The Hixon Center maintains a Technical Working Paper series as a means to share interesting findings from research projects as well as insights from a variety of in-house projects and collaborations. We also accept contributions from faculty, staff and students at the Claremont Colleges. Studies are reviewed by an editorial board and professionally edited.

  1. Unconventional Oil Development in California’s Monterey Shale: Characterizing the Formation’s Geology, Hydrocarbon Production Potential and Associated Environmental and Health Risks
  2. Uptake of Contaminants in Irrigation Water Supplemented With Oil and Gas Wastewater by Agricultural Crops and Potential Exposure Pathways for Consumers – A Review of Current Literature and Science.

Other publications and working papers can be viewed on our Publications and Media Content page. For more information, e-mail hixoncenter@hmc.edu.