Composting coming to Hoch-Shanahan, Res Halls this Spring

This spring, the City of Claremont will launch its Organic Waste Collection Program. As part of the program, the Hixon Center has been working with Facilities & Maintenance and Dining Services to bring composting to Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons and to the residence halls soon after.

In April 2016, the Hixon Center and F&M conducted a campus waste audit, which concluded that approximately 86% of campus waste could be diverted from landfills. A majority of this diversion potential includes food and organic waste coming from Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons and kitchen spaces throughout campus. The results prompted a collaborative effort to bring pre- and post-consumer waste sorting in the dining commons in fall 2017, giving dining staff and dining hall customers the opportunity to sort their waste into compost, recycling and landfill bins. Simultaneously, the City of Claremont devised and finalized an organic waste collection program, in compliance with California Assembly Bill 1826, which will launch in February-March 2017.

While the campus did not have institutionalized composting last fall, the campus community was asked to sort their compost in the dining halls to solidify the practice of waste sorting in time for the beginning of organic waste collection in spring 2017.

Students in ESW/MOSS and throughout the residence halls have also been working with the Hixon Center and F&M to bring composting to the residence halls. A tentative plan is in place to include food waste from the residence hall with waste from the dining hall to be picked up by the City of Claremont.

Signs have since been installed near the dish-ware conveyors in Hoch-Shanahan, asking dining hall customers to sort their waste into bins and properly deliver dirty dishes, utensils and cups on the conveyor.

Questions regarding composting in Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons and in the residence halls can be sent to To learn more about how to properly sort your waste, check out the Hixon Center’s Guide to Sustainable Living.