Hixon Center Announces Black, Gold and Green Lecture Series

This Spring, the Hixon Center will host its Black, Gold and Green Lecture Series.

The series aims to engage students and faculty across the Claremont Colleges in environmental sustainability issues and topics across a variety of disciplines. In particular, the Black, Gold and Green series deliberately introduces sustainability issues in policy, legal and economic contexts.

Speaker series talks as scheduled:

  • Pursuing Sustainability through Life-cycle Thinking
    Richard K. Helling, Director of Sustainable Chemistry, Dow Chemical Company
    Tuesday, January 31, noon–1 PM, Shanahan Center, SkyCube
  • The Clean Energy Transformation: Evolution or Revolution?
    Professor Daniel Kammen, Professor in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG), U.C. Berkeley
    Wednesday, March 1, 6:30–8 PM, Shanahan Auditorium (1430)
  • Transforming and Connecting California with High-Speed Rail
    Melissa DuMond (Director of Planning and Integration) and Margaret Cederoth (Sustainability Manager), California High-Speed Rail Authority
    Wednesday, March 8, 6:30–8 PM, Shanahan Auditorium (1430)
  • California’s Climate Leadership
    President pro Tempore Kevin de León, California State Senate
    Thursday, March 23, 6–7 PM, Shanahan Auditorium (1430)
  • Where, When and Why Does It Rain?
    Simona Bordoni, Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Caltech
    Tuesday, April 11th, noon-1 PM, Shanahan Center, SkyCube (3460)

Check back regularly for updated speaker information. If you have any questions, e-mail hixoncenter@hmc.edu.