Harvey Mudd: Prepare to PowerDown!

Starting this February, Harvey Mudd College will once again participate in the 5C PowerDown Competition!

As part of a larger Campus Conservation Nationals competition facilitated by Lucid, Harvey Mudd will compete against the other Claremont Colleges, as well as other college campuses around the country, to see who can reduce their residential electricity consumption by the largest percentage over three weeks. In collaboration with Engineers for a Sustainable World / Mudders Organizing for Sustainable Solutions (ESW/MOSS) and Facilities & Maintenance (F&M), the Hixon Center will help facilitate the PowerDown Campaign during the first half of the spring semester.

Last year, Harvey Mudd placed in 2nd among the Claremont Colleges (Scripps College earned 1st place), but the Hixon Center is committed to engaging students, faculty and staff across campus to strive to reduce electricity and energy consumption as much as possible – not only in the residence halls, but across the entire campus – in order to earn 1st place this year and to place as high as possible in the national competition.

While prizes have not been determined, the PowerDown campaign will include a reward for the campus with the largest percentage of electricity conserved over a three-week period (as compared to a prior 2-week baseline period). The Hixon Center and F&M will also look to reward the residence hall with the highest electricity conservation percentage during the competition. While administrative and academic buildings do not officially partake in PowerDown, the Hixon Center invites campus faculty and staff to get involved as well!

The Hixon Center invites students from across the residence halls to become a part of Harvey Mudd’s PowerDown Team, which will be responsible for representing Harvey Mudd at 5C PowerDown meetings and for coordinating electricity conservation efforts at their own residence halls.

If you are interested in joining Harvey Mudd’s PowerDown team, please sign up on this form. A representative is highly recommended (though not required) from every residence hall on campus.