The Hixon Center Launches the Green Office Program

The Hixon Center will launch its Green Office Program in January 2017, an initiative designed to promote sustainable behaviors and purchasing in administrative and academic departments across campus, and is inviting offices to participate!

The Program, designed and administrated by Louis Spanias (Sustainability Program Manager) with assistance from Laura Palucki Blake (Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness), takes inspiration from similar programs around the country and uses special certification levels (i.e. Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum) to motivate offices and other campus units to go green. Faculty and staff take surveys, which the Hixon Center uses in aggregate to score offices against certain criteria in a number of categories (e.g., Purchasing, Waste, Energy, etc.). The more eco-friendly an office’s practices, the higher their certification.

Through the summer and fall semester of 2016, the Hixon Center administered a pilot of the program among three academic units: the Department of Biology, the Department of Engineering, and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty on the 4th Floor of the Sprague Center. Each office successfully achieved a certification of Copper (Cu), and offered feedback regarding the program to the Hixon Center. The Hixon Center is now in the process of delivering follow-up materials and assistance to each of those offices, who may re-certify in a year for a higher level of certification.

As more offices sign up and as offices re-certify for 2017-18, the Hixon Center will give awards to the highest certifying office and the office that shows the most improvement over the course of a year.

To learn more about the program and to sign up, visit the Green Office Program page on the Hixon Center’s website. If you have any questions, contact Louis Spanias at