Clinic Tutorials

Clinic Tutorials 2017-2018

The following tutorials are available. Fall juniors must complete at least one tutorial by turning in a satisfactory write-up online no later than January 31st.
We also highly recommend seniors to take advantage of the available tutorials that are relevant to their clinic project. All related tutorial files can be found on Charlie Clinic folder:\Clinic\Engineering\Tutorials.

Your feedback and comments on the tutorials are appreciated for future improvement.

The following interactive tutorials are taught by staff or faculty. Sign up should be done through online system: Some tutorials may fill up, so advanced planning and sign up is prudent.

Tutorial Date, Location
Intermediate Machine Shop

Safety and intermediate techniques related to mill, lathe and CNC training. Training provided by machine shop staff and/or head proctors. Must review lathe/mill videos in advance. Limited to 6 students per session.

*Need to be shop certified

Location: Galileo B5

Dates: TBD

email Paul for info. (with Paul Stovall)

Laser Cutter Machining

Adapting an existing SolidWorks part for laser cutting, and operation and capabilities of the laser cutter. Limited to 6 students per session.

Location: HMC Advanced Machine Shop

Dates: Tuesday (1/23) 6-7:00 p.m.

Small group sessions in consultation with Nicholas Sakowski

Mechanical Test System (MTS)

Use the MTS machines for tensile, compression, and fatigue testing. Predicting expected material properties. MTS safety. Machine selection and operation.

Location: MTS Lab, Parsons B173

Date: Wednesday, (1/24) 6-8:00pm

Small group sessions in consultation with Nicholas Sakowski

ShopBot Training

Cut single sheet of plywood to create several interlocking parts. Prior CNC experience is recommended. Limited to 6 students per session.

*Need to be shop certified

Location: HMC Machine Shop (Wood Shop)

Dates: *Upon Request – Contact:
Nicholas Sakowski-

Surface Mount Soldering

Soldering, inspection, and removal of surface mount components. Limited to 4 students per session. You cannot have taken E85 in the Spring 2016 to take this tutorial.

Location: TBD

Dates: *Upon Request


The following self-paced tutorials may be done at your convenience. A tutor will be on hand at the specified times; going during the tutoring hours may reduce the time you spend if you run into difficulties. For these tutorials, the sign up is not required, but the write up should be submitted through the same online system:

Tutorial Tutoring Date and Location
Intermediate LabVIEW

Data acquisition and control using LabVIEW. Topics include a brief review and control and measurement of electronic instruments from LabVIEW using the NI myDAQ. May be done in teams of two.

Location: E85 Lab (Parsons B183)

Date: *Upon Request

Tutor: Nicholas Sakowski


PCB design, layout, and manufacturing using Mentor Graphics PADS. Includes an intro to PCB planning, scheduling, and budgeting. Covers schematic and layout entry, design for manufacturability, and autorouting.

Location: ECF

Date: Monday (1/22) 6–8 p.m.

Tutor: Nancy Wei

Cadence Allegro PCB

PCB design and layout. Walks through routing the same board as the PADs tutorial, but Cadence is generally better for creating high-speed boards. Also includes introduction to PCB planning, scheduling, budgeting, and high-speed design.

Location: ECF

Date: Monday (1/22) 6–8 p.m.

Tutor: Nancy Wei

SolidWorks Simulation

Finite element modeling for mechanical stress, thermal, and vibration.

Location: ECF

Date: Thursday (1/25) 6:00-9p.m.

Tutor: Nicholas Sakowski

SolidWorks Motion

Modeling of mechanisms with moving parts.

Location: ECF

Date: Thursday (1/25) 6:00-9p.m.

Tutor: Nicholas Sakowski

PCB Mill & Vinyl Cutter

Learn how to use the PCB mill and how to make vinyl stickers.

Location: Parsons B159

Date: Tuesday (1/29) 7–9 p.m.

Tutor: Nancy Wei

Git Version Control

Apply version control techniques to large projects that involve several collaborators making changes to the same set of files. Covers basic Git operations via the command line interface.

Location: ECF

Date: Monday (1/29), 6–7 p.m.

Tutor: Nancy Wei


Thermal cycling testing using the Thermotron environmental test chamber and calibrating temperature sensors. Must be done in teams of two.

Location: Parsons B187

*Upon request, email Nicholas Sakowski

SLA 3D Printer

Learn how to use the Form 2 SLA 3D Printer to print parts and how to handle parts after printing.

Location: Parsons B173

*Upon request, email Nicholas Sakowski

RF Equipment

Learn the basics of handling the radio frequency equipment available in the RF Lab.

Location: Self Guided tutorial

*Instructions on RF Lab website