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  • Refocus is an excellent resource for shifting practice and creating equitable environments.
  • This Is Disability Justice is an article with more on disability justice:

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Identity Intersections: Faculty & Staff Leading Holistic Lives

Performing Dagan: Science, Skateboarding and Social Justice

April 26, 2016

What’s a tre flip have to do with math class? What’s math got to do with #blacklivesmatter? I’m a forever skater (first setup: Santa Cruz + gull wings + bullet wheels, circa 1986). I’m also a huge math nerd (ummm… nothing is cooler than geometric visualization). And I just don’t do well with authority (it’s way been time to break the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy). I’m stoked about the chance to talk to folks about all of this stuff, tie it together with my personal history, and see why it’s OK there’s no “real me” (or is there?).

Code Switch: Professor Dagan Karp will explore the performative nature of personality, and discuss how he occupies space as a mathematician, a lifelong skateboarder, and a passionate advocate for social justice. Dagan will investigate mathematics as a rebellious and liberatory practice, skating as an aid for mathematics, and social justice as a necessary component of a career in science education. Dagan will share how basic ideas in mathematics help his understanding of gender fluidity and performance, social power structures, and systems of oppression.

Chew on This!: Beyond Accommodations: Toward Disability Justice

Wednesday, April 13.

On college campuses and in society, visible and invisible disabilities are often only thought about from the angle of access and accommodations. Join me for a workshop that looks beyond accommodations to practical inclusion strategies in our HMC environment (inside and outside of the classroom), as well as disability justice as an anti-oppression framework.

Chew on This!: Black, Brown, Yellow, Invisible: Women of Color in STEM

Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

One hundred percent of the sixty scientists interviewed for a recent study reported encountering one or more patterns of gender bias, linked to the intersection of their race and gender. Join me to delve into the “double jeopardy” that faces Latina, Black, and Asian American women in STEM. Leave with tools and knowledge to combat the racialized gender gap!

Voices: It’s Not All Zen and Karma!

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015

We focused on the experiences of Buddhists and Hindus at Harvey Mudd and in higher education. Major religions in the world, but minority religions in the US! We explored popular misperceptions of Hinduism and Buddhism, how our Buddhist and Hindu students navigate their beliefs on campus and in general and where they find community.

Panelists: Aman Fatehpuria, Lam Huynh, Manu Kondapi, Jenny Lee, and Vai Viswanathan

Real Talk: Alumni of Color

In November, OID collaborated with the Office of Career Services to host “Real Talk: Alumni of Color.” Alumni (Kawika ’06, Lupita ’09, Obosa ’14 and Ruben ’05) were able to share their experiences of what it was like to be an alumni of color at Mudd and how that’s influenced their lives after Mudd.

OID Voices Panel: Latinidad: The Diversity Within, Friday, Oct. 23, 2015

Latindad: The Diversity Within

Latin@s are one of the fastest growing communities on college campuses, but their experiences are not monolithic. Let’s explore the tremendous diversity and complexity within the Latin@ community — identity, connection to ethnic versus racial heritage, gender/class/sexuality, and more! How are our Latin@ students, staff, and faculty navigating our environment? Join us for an illuminating and critical conversation!

Panelists:  Viviana Bermudez, Jesus Villegas, Angie Aguilar, and Prof. Alfonso Castro

National Coming Out Day: More Than Marriage

On Friday, Oct. 9, OID celebrated National Coming Out Day with a #MoreThanMarriage reception in the quad. #MoreThanMarriage is a community-based campaign to shed light on those issues beyond marriage equality that impact and are important to transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer people.

The campus community joined us in an event to raise awareness of the critical issues needed in order to thrive – including marriage, immigration, bullying, health care access, family rights, employment, and more.

OID Campus Climate Event: Dr. Sylvia Hurtado, Friday, Oct. 2, 2015

Campus Climate: The What

What are the critical pieces that define campus climate?  And how do they each play a part in creating a nourishing environment for each and every one of our students? Historically, who has survived and flourished at Harvey Mudd? As higher education institutions are traditionally constructed to serve students from white-collar families, evolving our practices will give us a cutting edge as we are better able to serve our increasingly diverse student body.

Guest Speaker: Sylvia Hurtado, PhD 

Professor, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. Leader of several national projects on diverse learning environments and retention, STEM education and diversification of the scientific workforce, and innovation in undergraduate education.

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